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PSU Indy is committed to providing you top notch training, exemplarly care and high quality products all with a personal touch.


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 From puppies to old dogs PSU Indy can teach them ALL new tricks. PSU Indy offers a variety of training packages, see which one is right for you.

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PSU Indy offers a variety of pet supplies to help
keep you and your dog on the right track.  Check out the recommended products at our amazon shop.
(products never sourced from china)

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We offer the following training packages

Initial Consult

This is the best place
to start for all dogs over 6 months of age.

In this consultation we will get a history on family and dog, evaluate temperament and environment, and educate owners on basic training skills. This lesson runs approximately two hours. The first hour dedicated to teaching you and the second hour working hands on with your pup!

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Private Lessons

Private lessons give you hands-on training in your home. This can be a good place to start for puppies, unsocialized dogs and dogs that have problems that may occur only in the home. This allows the trainer to evaluate the home environment and dog in it’s natural surroundings and work on specific issues.

Great for single behavior problems (barking, potty training, boundaries etc)

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Puppy Package

This is the best place
to start for all dogs under 6 months of age.

includes 3 one hour lessons in your home where we educate owners on basic training skills and how to get your pup off on the right paw.

Puppy developmental stages
Setting up your home for potty training
Encouraging behaviors
Handling and socialization
Biting and bite inhibition
Appropriate play.
The four basics name, sit down and lets go.

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Teachers Pet Program

This program allows your dog to get the best training everyday in my home. It is designed to get your dog the necessary repetition and daily training that is needed to help create new desired behaviors. The program varies and averages 2-6 weeks depending on your specific needs and goals.

Rate decreases as number of weeks increases in program.
Please call to find out your weekly rate.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
No question is a dumb question!


Everyone wants to make sure their pet are in the best hands. With no regulations on training for your pets, it is up to the trainers to keep up to date and informed on the newest research and techniques available. Here are some of the certifications we hold and resources we use at PSU Indy to make sure we are giving your pet the BEST.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Saw all the pictures today. Thanks for all of your kindness with Reggie. He doesn’t like you at all. We can tell!!

Ed and Nan

Cicero, IN

Heather is the best. She has taken care of our golden retriever for years. She not only cares for him she cares for us. Thank you!

Smith Family

Noblesville, IN

Heather spoils my
Baxter rotten!
She is great with him and I even notice changes in his behavior.
See Heather, she’s the best!


Fishers, IN

Heather at PSU has done many Question and Answer sessions in our store and we have always found her to be very friendly, helpful, and informative for our staff and our customers!


Pet Supplies Plus Noblesville

Pip is 9 years old and suffered a shoulder injury this past summer. He was apprehensive about being at any dog daycare – but immediately loved being with Heather! There are soft sofas for lounging, a great yard for being outside, and wonderful attention from Heather. She takes the dogs for walks, plays with them, talks with them, and really makes them feel at home. Even Pip’s special pancreatitis diet was meticulously followed. At his Christmas visit, Pip tapped me as though to say good-bye, then raced into Heather’s home! The best!

Jane and Ken

Atlanta, IN

Our Team

We are a small group here at Pet Solutions Unlimited Indy.
Get to know the team below.

Mexicali AKA Miss Wiggles

Doggie Concierge/New Product Tester

Mexicali AKA Miss Wiggles
is the newest member to our team and is our Doggie Concierge / New Product Tester.
She greets everyone with exuberent wiggles and is extremely happy to show them around the place. She share her toys and best sleeping spots so they can feel at home too. She is always happy to eat their food for them too.


Owner/Ceritified Trainer

Heather owns and operates PSUIndy with her two assistants Mexicali and Domino. She loves and treats all her clients as if the were her own. 

More About Heather


Temperment Evaluator/Impulse Control Trainer

Domino is our oldest member of the team at 15 years on the job he is our expert Temperment Evaluator/Impulse Control trainer. He is a great judge of character and within a few minutes I know by his behavior whether a dog will need some additional impulse control training. He loves to snuggle and lay on the pillows with all the dogs that don’t need additional training and even shares their water bowl.

Latest Products

Here at PSU INDY we beleive, that You Are The Difference.

That is why we only supply high quality products for you and your family. We stand by and believe in all of our products as they are what we use in our home. We are proud to say the majority of our products are manufactured in the USA and none of our products are manufactured or sourced from China. We also donate a portion of the profit back to the community.
Thank you for making a difference by shopping at our store and helping us give back.
Check out our most recent product and reviews here or shop on our store.

New Product Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-Burger-Treats

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Deer antlers are a great way to detour your pups from chewing on undesirable things such as furniture, shoes, tv remotes etc. They are much cheaper than replacing those items […]

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Premium Pork Chomps Roasted Twistz

These are my quick and easy go to for Mexicali, she loves the pork roasted flavor and wiggles a little more when I pull them out. These are a great[…]

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