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Deer antlers are a great way to detour your pups from chewing on undesirable things such as furniture, shoes, tv remotes etc. They are much cheaper than replacing those items  and really give you a bang for your buck, as they are one of the longest lasting chew I have come across. They also decrease stress and or anxiety for dogs and provide great dental hygiene.

  • They are an all-natural treat that is long lasting and durable.
  • Great Dental hygiene. Chewing cleans their teeth, strengthens their gums,
  • They provide a no odor treat that is not fattening and will not stain your carpet or furniture.
  • Nutrient-rich and free of preservatives, chemicals or additives.
  • Like our other antlers, these are from the USA.
  • Since these are a natural product, color and shape will vary.

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