Cicero, Indiana 46034

About Heather

Hello my name is Heather O’Neill and I am owner and trainer for  Pet Solutions Unlimited INDY (PSU INDY).

My professional experience with animals started with a job at Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group Ventura, Ca in 1998. I used this job as learning experience and as a stepping stone to help get my acceptance in to the Exotic Animal Training and Management program (EATM) at Moorpark College. During this 21-month program, I earned three separate certificates in the areas of care & handling, outreach & education and animal training & management. Through the Exotic Animal Training Program at Moorpark College I not only learned about the theories of positive training and no force methods with animals, i was also able to implement those theories and learned through hands-on experience with a diverse range of species. To name a few I worked with macaws, a Harris hawkspider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, an alpaca, a camelcougars, a binturong, an arctic fox, a serval, and a Bengal tigerwhich  i received the Trainers Choice Award at the ABMA conference at the San Diego Zoo, After graduation, I worked at Totally Natural Training (board and train facility) to gain more experience and knowledge of canine behavior and the industry. I earned my certification as a professional dog trainer from CCPDT in 2004 and became a member of APDT. I then opened Pet Solutions Unlimited to put all of this knowledge together to provide pet owners with a better understanding of behavior(theirs and their pets) and to teach them how to work with their pets to create better relationships, bonds and lives together. I continue to maintain my certifications by continually educating myself, attending conferences and using the resources technology have provided to network with other trainers. I also believe that there is always more than one way to achieve the same goal and NO question IS a dumb question.