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Large/Medium Dog Chew Bundle Combo 1 – Beef, Bull, Pork, Lamb

Large/Medium Dog Chew Bundle Combo 1 – Beef, Bull, Pork, Lamb

Give your dog a variety of items to chew on to prevent boredom , destructive behavior and keep their gums healthy.

Items from left to right

  • Beef Cheek Rolls 10”- 12”- 100% natural and made from soft, thick, easily digestible cow cheeks. These are all natural and not flavored. The rolls are made with the softer and more digestible cheek hide.
  • Pressed Rawhide Stick 10” rawhide treats perfect for the medium or large dog. Stick shaped product pressed with US hide in Mexico.
  • Himalayan Yaky Stick 12”  is a combination of two of dogs’ favorite treats. Himalayan Dog Chews are wrapped around a Bully Stick, which is made in the USA using patented processes without using any binding agents or glue in the USA
  • Beef Back Strap 6” are cartilage from the back and are similar in texture of our Wishbone beef tendons. They are 6”-8” and are an odorless all natural dog treat. These treats have little to no odor and a perfect alternative to bully sticks.
  • Bully Stick 12″ Thick Bully Springs  are also 100% All Natural Chews that are free of additives or chemicals. They are also not smoked to hide any odor. These chews are from S. America free ranging stock. They are USDA approved. Bully Sticks are high in protein and low in fat offering dogs a long-lasting all natural chew. They will help reduce tartar and promote healthy gums in your dog.
  • Beef Knuckle Slice – USA will satisfy a dogs urge to chew. This treat is the ideal size for medium- to large-size dogs. This is an all natural product and made in the heartland of the USA.
  • 100% All natural products, Chemical free products
  • High in protein, Low in fat
  • Free ranging live stock No feed lot animal stock
  • Great for Dental hygiene
  • Reduces boredom and destructive behavior

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